Construction Waves

The process will go in three waves:

1. Conduit and Handholes:  we will install the tube and boxes near the street beginning on the North end of Patterson Rd and extending out from there.   As soon as enough of this wave is complete we will start wave 2

2. Fiber and Splicing:  we will pull the fiber through the conduit and put splice cases in the handholes to connect everything together.  Each neighborhood is divided into a number of different segments and as soon as one segment is ready we will start wave 3

3. Connecting:  we will contact the homeowners who have registered on this site and get them signed up for service.  Then we will schedule an installation crew to come out and bring the fiber into your home from the nearest handhole.

We have a number of crews dedicated to getting this done and will do it as quickly and efficiently as possible making sure to keep our standards of installation and service where they need to be.

*The tentative order to install fiber to your home due to order of construction is starting with Patterson Rd, then moving onto Summerwyn Dr, Near Lane, Windy Ridge, and then the Horseshoe Estates neighborhood. 

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