Following Installation – Burying the Fiber Cable

After installation is complete we will have our fiber team come back to your location and bury the fiber going from the handhole to your home (for full installation process see our previous post about Customer Connection- Sign up).  The fiber burial will consist of trenching a very small line from the handhole to your home with a trencher to ensure as little of a disruption to your landscaping and lawn as possible. The grass should all grow back and cover the line within a matter of a few weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process please let us know! We want this process to be a great one for you, and hope you enjoy the new fiber internet in your neighborhood. 

If you are reading our updates and are interested in getting signed up please call our office at (219) 326-5252 and use the extension for the sales line and our sales team would love to get you signed up! 

Thank you all!
– The Surf Air Team