Customer Connection – Sign Up Today!

We are actively installing customers, and are excited to get many other installs scheduled.  For those of you that have registered interest on the website, our sales team will be calling to get installations scheduled if you haven’t been already. Thank you for your patience throughout this process, and we are excited to have been able to bring you reliable high-speed fiber! The install process:

1.  A Surf Air Installer will come to your house to determine the best entrance location for the fiber and the best path through your yard to the fiber hand-hole with your input.

2.  The installer will mount a service box on the outside of your home and drill an entry point into your house where the fiber can feed to the inside.

3.  Another Surf Air associate will pull our splice trailer to the curb to connect the cable that will run to your home.

4.  The cable will be run above ground to the service box and connected.

5.  The Surf Air Representative will connect the necessary equipment inside your home and ensure that service is active and that you are getting the appropriate speeds.

6.  At a later time, a Surf Air Representative will come out and bury the fiber cable roughly 12 inches underground.